We love the fashion language that speaks about our aspect in the city; Always sustaining the moment between people, bold towards newness, minimally colorful, layers of feminine lines, changing from present to the future, and everything by its nature.




You were there in the greenery valley seeing through the city, the evergreen-Esque underlying urban lifestyle, where you remembered your senses.


A slower line inspired by the multiple organic shapes & characters of the city created with the unique art-filled surroundings inspired us. You draw multi-organic movements as you sustain your feminine, opulent inner lifestyle in the mid-town, where the city reflects itself from the past beauties. With nearby things that unify as shape and time and light begin. 



KLOEIS, We inspired and launched with the idea of "embracing things from the past moments" within conceptualized moments of femininity, the concept of unification style of art nouveau. To the modernness of abstract art we love. Conscious about the surroundings, art lives within silhouettes of linear flows in fashion. 





We are connecting with people in broader minds to sustain the fashion system with newness. Moved by our art surroundings is essential, not diminishing on ethical. Create everything with hearts, and love your surroundings.